About Pinceles Latinos Art Studio

“We consider painting an important means of social, cultural and individual communication”

We invite you to know a pleasant and friendly space where you can learn to paint, meet other people who appreciate art, share passions and emotions and translate them on to the canvas. The classes are open to people of different backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, language, age or gender.

Pinceles Latinos Art Studio is an art collective organized by Tania Iraheta, certifiedArtist-Educator and coordinated by Mariana Bolaños, Visual Artist. The project was born in 2007 and has been operating with great success from Casa Maiz Cultural Center located at 1280 Finch Ave. West, in North York offering painting classes and workshops to the Latin American community throughout the year. Pinceles Latinos also offers its art education program to Public Libraries, Community and Health Centers, art groups, Cultural organizations and individuals across the GTA. Students exhibit their art at the Cultural Center and at other public venues such as Multicultural Festivals, Public Libraries and Community events.

Pinceles Latinos Art Studio is for people with different levels of artistic skills; from the beginner who wishes to start painting guaranteeing immediate results and without prior knowledge of drawing and / or painting as well as the amateur artist looking to polish their techniques and processes. The classes and workshops offer the opportunity to learn various artistic techniques in a supportive and friendly environment.


  • To make art education accessible to the community in Toronto.
  • To help overcome social and cultural isolation, labour stress and family conflicts.
  • To strengthen the individual and collective self-esteem of people in the community.
  • To foster personal growth, intelectual and artistic satisfaction among the participants.
  • To promote the idea that the process of painting, work and effort are as important as the outcome.
  • To motivate people to be enthusiastic, productive, to share their knowledge with others and become passionate about their work.
  • To form strong ties to different communities through the arts.
  • To promote tolerance and fraternity between different ethnicities. To enable collaboration between professional and non professional artists.